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December Update 2018...

December Update 2018

Dear Members, What an interesting year it has been. I want to start with thanking you for being a member of VCT because without you this company would not have been possible to build. I also want to thank our great team for all the fun and hard work that was done to improve the services for you as an members. A lot of you already renewed with our special promo and supported us

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Bot Changes...

Bot Changes

Bot Changes – New trailing stop orders: – In Target percent, the bot will move the stop price to the percent you chose below the sell target reached. – In Percentage the bot will move the stop price the same way as Target Percent but this time it will keep changing the stop price as the price keep increasing. – Inbreakeven, the bot will change the stop price to the

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Is The Halloween Effect In The Stock Market Useful In The Cr...

Is The Halloween Effect In The Stock Market Useful In The Crypto Market?

Various theories exist in the trading sphere. One of such theories is the Halloween effect which is also called the Halloween strategy or the Halloween indicator. Stock market traders, in particular, are more inclined to lean towards accepting this theorem since it is believed that it is integral to the cycle of the market. On the other hand, the crypto traders are yet to full

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