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Over the years, we have experienced evolution, which emphasizes automation as a means of increasing productivity. Just as automation is sweeping across various industries, it has become important in investment markets. Apparently, the emphatic impact of automated trading systems on profitability and portfolio diversity has made them even more popular in the crypto market.

In today’s market, we have several types of automated trading systems and each promise to positively influence the productivity of traders. However, this doesn’t quite put to bed the growing skepticism that relying on machines to place trades is a bad idea, especially if we take a look at some incidents where this has backfired. Nonetheless, as with it all forms of systems, there is always a downside and the downsides of automated trading systems do not necessarily make it a bad introduction to trading.

In fact, the upside of using these systems outweighs the downsides. In light of this, we will take a look at some of the uses of automated trading systems in crypto trading.


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