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VCG update January 2019

Dear members,

We are already halfway through January, so as promised it is time to share a few interesting changes with you.

We haven’t raised our prices in the past months, but we added a lot of services and benefits to our members. The competition charges higher prices than we do, because of these changes and our new services we are going to increase our prices in February 2019 by $199, – For members who want to renew can do so this month and receive the old prices and discounts. Contact us, and we will help you at https://t.me/Verifiedcrypto.

The automated version of the BOT is finished, and we will start releasing it soon. If you would like to be the first to use it send us a message at https://t.me/Verifiedcrypto .The price of the automated upgrade will be $20 if you pay per month or if you pay at once – $199 for a year/rest of your other bot subscriptions. To start with we have a limited space of 50 members, so don’t be late.

We have a crazy 50% discount on the advanced BOT version this ends on the 1st of February.

At the moment almost 50% of our members renewed their subscription, 30% is offline, and 20% is thinking about renewing at the moment. For those that are waiting for the right moment, I will share a secret with you. Theirs is no right time but beginning and being consistent is part of the key for your success. Together will create an even better year in trading.

Check out our improved onboarding page, so you educate yourself about risk and money management strategy’s we offer.


We are working on the Platinum plus signals tier for people that have 1 to 10 BTC and don’t want to trade all the time. We will do more than just signals as we do for the Gold and Margin channel. For the Platinum plus signals, our trader Erik is in charge, and he will be providing these trades for Bitmex. (long and short) The tier will be called Platinum signals plus, and only gold members with a basic or advanced BOT can upgrade to this platinum signals plus tier. In the beginning, it will only be Bitmex, but soon we will also add the Coinbase pro to the service.

You can sign up now because we will start with a maximum of 30 members. The service will include the auto trading function, and you will connect to the BOT with your Bitmex account, so you are still in control of your wallet.

The cost for this new service will be a fixed fee of $999,- per Bitcoin per year

in your wallet per month with a max of 10BTC. If you want to join you can send me a message @verifiedcryptotraders_admin

Some of you asked if INDX could share an update. I asked the CEO Jonathan DeCarteret, and he told me that they would share the investors update with us in the next couple of days. Don’t forget a company doesn’t have to give an update every single day because they need to work and realize the

promised results.

Lars has been working on our FAQ, and I would like everyone to check it out, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. https://verifiedcryptotraders.com/member-area/faq/ The portal has improved, and you should check it out. Hope you like it!

Happy trading.

Kind regards Ivo


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