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Dear members,

The first ten members officially joined and upgraded to the new platinum service. We are talking to 6 members that want to join, so that leaves us with 14 places left for you to join.  The planning is to start this Sunday on the second of February.

Erik is ready to start as soon as we have the minimum amount of 20 members for this month.

Important information: What you need to do is set up a separate Bitmex account, and it is not allowed to trade with this account yourself if you do we will stop the sending of the signals.

A minimum of 1BTC needs to be in your account, and the maximum is 10BTC. We will have a channel where you can see the Signals, but we won’t be discussing them at all. (So sending messages to Erik or me after calls will result in a removal) At the end of the month, I will share the results, that is the time that I will evaluate them with the Platinum members. Keep in mind that the numbers per month can vary. The service is for a whole year, not one month keep that in mind. Trading is not a short term thing, look at our results from last year and see that varies per month.

Please don’t send me any messages atm because my right hand and arm is tingling because of a mouse arm, and I have a hard time typing because of this it will get better but if you want to join contact or need information, please contact @verifiedcrypto

We will provide you with the best service and results.

Kind regards Ivo


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