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Bear markets are usually a time for traders to switch strategies and take advantage of the shift in market trends. An obvious strategy that traders should consider is buying the dip and waiting for a certain turnaround in the market, which will usher in a bull run. However, there is no better time to take advantage of the volatile nature of the crypto market, especially for traders that are interested in an alternative strategy that focuses on short term profits.

As a result, we at VCT have introduced a new service plan that promises to focus on short term profits, irrespective of the fact that the market is relatively quiet. In this article, we will take a look at the strategy employed in our new service plan and why it is the right move in the current market cycle.

What Is The Platinum Plus Plan All About?

As mentioned in our previous publication, the Platinum plus plan will yield minor profits on each trade. Eventually, when we take into account the volume of calls available to subscribers, there is a certainty that the accumulation of profits from these trades will make this plan even more profitable than other service plans. We always pride ourselves as a group of forward-thinking individuals who try as much as possible to do away with the bandwagon mentality that is increasingly taking hold of the crypto market. In accordance with this, we have introduced unique features and functionalities that guarantee stability.

Here, we will dwell more on the short burst in prices which are currently more probable than significant price movements. Therefore, we have intelligently introduced our expertise in predicting price movements into less significant price changes that would normally go unnoticed. As expected, an effective analysis of this sort of calls relies on precision, an attention to details and timing, which our experts have mastered efficiently.

Although it looks simple to the eye, it is a fast-paced trading strategy that could prove difficult for even the most experienced traders. Also, if you consider that prices move swiftly in the crypto market, then you will appreciate the amount of work our experts are putting into making this work. Subscribing to the Platinum plus plan helps you bypass all the technical analysis hassles that come with analyzing short time frame interval charts. All you need to do is copy our signals and you are automatically improving your chances to make more profits.

To make the process even more stress-free, the plan comes with auto trading features that automatically takes advantage of our calls. This is crucial since we will constantly post signals and using a trading bot is the only way subscribers can cope with the volume of activities we intend to post daily. Due to the fast nature of this trading strategy, subscribers will only access calls on the exchange

It is no more news that the crypto market fluctuates consistently and this has always made it more profitable than traditional markets. Yet, there are downsides that come with the inherent volatile movements of prices, which also automatically place the market above other markets when it comes to risks. As a result, we have always introduced crypto trading solutions that help our customers maximize profits while reducing the level of risk they are exposed to. As expected, the Platinum plus plan conforms to this and promises even fewer risks, making it the perfect plan for traders with a lower threshold for risks.

An in-depth look at the functionalities and features of the Platinum plus plan shows that our members will only get exposed to the crypto market in shorter intervals compared to other service plans. This means that they have lesser chances of being victims of unpredictable market movements. As a result, losses resulting from larger swings in prices that are often the bane of crypto trading is not as pronounced in the Platinum plus plan. The plan does not only guarantee more profit, it immensely reduces risks.

Subscribing to the Platinum plan automatically allows you to bypass all of the issues that come with adopting this trading strategy. Firstly, our auto-trading features eliminate issues relating to late entries that commonly jeopardize traders’ chances of making profits. This is also true for issues relating to late exits as it is also important that traders exit trades while they are ahead. Secondly, our analytical expertise will help eliminate losses emanating from poor strategies as well as poor analysis. The fast nature of this strategy demands a level of discipline and emotion-free decisions.

You must have noticed that it is becoming more difficult to generate stable profits in the current bearish run of the crypto market. Hence, this is why you should join our Platinum plan that guarantees stability and consistent calls while reducing the risks.


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