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Avoid missing CoinDesk's Consensus 2022, the must-attend crypto & blockchain festival event in Austin, TX, on June 9-12 this year! On Thursday, it was announced that the football nft crypto will be experimenting with non-fungible tokens (NFT), introducing a series of card-themed collectibles in conjunction with its upcoming player draft.

A live version of the collection is available on the league's Polygon-based marketplace, first launched in November 2021, and has since been utilized for a variety of playoff game ticket promos for football nft collectibles.

Those who are members of this year's "Inner Circle" group, which comprises supporters picked to represent each team on draft night, will also get football nft.

In a statement to CoinDesk, a league spokesman said that the league had distributed more than 500,000 NFTs related to ticket sales since the marketplace's launch. Of those 500,000, around 210,000 were personally dealt with by their owner, a statistic that the league regarded as a success in terms of engagement of nft in football (42 percent of the total).

According to Sam Rubinroit, the NFL's director of club business development, "Those are just the ones we gave away for free, so we were pleased by the engagement numbers for sure." "A large proportion of the NFTs that we made available for purchase sold out within 24 hours of their release," says the author.

In his statement, Rubinroit said that the collectible tickets platform is still very much in the "test and learn phase," with greater ideas for the future season being considered. Football nft "Regular Season Clubs" collection was once worth thousands of dollars per item, but prices have subsequently dropped to the $300-$600 level for some of the most popular teams.

A relationship with NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs to develop NFL All Day is just one of several NFT waterways into which the league has plunged itself recently. Another prominent partnership is with the league's Polygon-based marketplace. Top Shot and All Day are both based on the Flow blockchain, a distributed ledger of nft in football.

Fan tokens and cryptocurrency endorsements have recently seen some movement in nft football, which is consistent with the league's official blockchain partnerships policy, which is still in the early stages of development.

Its players' union, the nft football association, has entered into several cryptocurrency-related collaborations, including an NFT relationship with sports betting company DraftKings and cooperation with the metaverse game Upland.


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