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Price Update January 2019

Dear Members,

In this message, I will release a summary of all the new prices for the BOT and the in February used new subscriptions plans and fees.

Because of our growth we have stacked 3 Gold plans, The first is the basic Gold who are renewing to the new Gold as we speak, the second is the Gold that has the Margin channel included and most members added the basic or advanced BOT to their subscription. The final Gold subscription has the basic BOT, and the Margin channel included and all the other services, like traders chat, etc. This subscription is not going to change anymore.

For the customers that bought a BOT plan already and want to upgrade to auto, we will subtract the price from the current plan, and you pay the difference. We can’t change an already paid yearly plan to monthly only add one.

EU members can only buy the Auto trader function for now. The main reason for this is the complicated Crypto/Trading laws in Country’s outside of the EU.

The Signal plus Platinum subscription price of $999,- per BTC is only for our (EU) members. For new members, the price is higher, and the rule mentioned above is mandatory for now. (see price list)

We have a complete service offering, and we will slowly start to end the discounts madness. I believe that a service like that of the Verified Crypto Group that cost a lot of time, resources and team should not be discounted. We have invested heavily in Legal advice and services to protect and serve you the members, and this comes with a price. When you as our member can earn a decent profit with our services and receive a lot of support.

I have some important information that I want to share with you. Some of you maybe have some of your funds invested with a Crypto, fund manager. As you know, we are setting up a proper fund in the Netherlands and this cost a lot of money and time. The reason is that I want to protect the investors and set up a legal fund that is supported by our AMF (SEC) in the Netherlands. Our advising firms have shared with us that in the EU things are changing and that the SEC of the different countries are cracking down on unregistered funds that accept Crypto as payment and don’t do a KYC and AML check. So that you know and be safe.

The BETA testing of the auto BOT is going great, and Lars will update the prices today in the shop. It looks like we are going to release the full auto version for the first 30 members tomorrow.

You can signup now @VerifiedCrypto

Kind Regards Ivo

Attachment: Pricelist


Basic Bot - $30,-$299,-

Advanced Bot - $65,-$598,-

Automatic Trading Bot - $85,-$797,-

Bronze (Includes Basic Bot)1 month$299,-N/A

Margin (Includes Basic Bot) 12 months$89,-@verifiedcrypto on telegram or click here to order immediately!


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