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Members Digest October 2018


in the end of September, an internal excel document from Singapore-based crypto exchange Huobi (one of EOS Block Producers) started circulating in the Chinese community, alleging that many EOS BPs mutually voted for each other to cement their BP positions, and Huobi openly voted for a few BP candidates is exchange for EOS pay-offs. Huobi has officially denied all accusations on October 1. Reminder: Huobi is a centralized crypto exchange, so it holds lots of users’ EOS tokens and can vote on behalf of their users. Huobi was one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in China, but had to move overseas in 2017, following ban on Bitcoin exchanges by the Chinese government. It’s estimated that at least 12 of the top 21 EOS BPs are controlled by Chinese entities.


the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an enterprise blockchain organization created in 2017 by Santander, JPMorgan, and other companies, has announced its partnership with Hyperledger, an umbrella project started by Linux Foundation, to support the collaborative development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers. The collaboration between these two big consortiums should accelerate adoption of blockchain technologies for businesses, because crypto space is currently lacking standard protocols. The EEA sponsors the development of specifications and standards for enterprise blockchain networks, with a focus on those aligned with the Ethereum ecosystem.

The prime minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, spoke about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies becoming the future money, during the recent United Nations (UN) General Assembly meeting.


the popular San Francisco-based p2p file-sharing company BitTorrent, which has been previously acquired by TRON (TRX) Foundation, has announced a launch of Project Atlas, which will merge BitTorrent with blockchain technology and incentivize seeders with TRON (TRX) to stimulate file-sharing. Some people argue that users don’t need to download anything in the streaming age. However, BitTorrent has recently released a new product uTorrent Web, a browser-based torrent client, where users can torrent and stream at the same time without leaving a browser.


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