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Important Update

Dear Members,

Most of you joined because you don’t understand, have the skills or the time to trade. If after one month you don’t see your desired returns and you start freaking out, that tells me that you don’t understand the risk, market or trading in general. Patience is key when trading and you must control your emotions in order to be profitable and make smart trading decisions. If this is not something that you have the ability to do you may want to reconsider trading cryptocurrency.

If you have never earned money while trading, please don’t give out advice in the chat.  We have found that most of the advice given in the chat is not consistent and does not correspond to your own advice. It is like watching headless chickens tell each other the way to go. Don’t forget that only 20% of the traders are successful in trading.

Unfounded remarks like “more signals”, “I won’t make my returns this month”, “you should be trading now”, “please go up coin XYZ”, and blaming others when it goes wrong is not habits of successful traders. All of those actions are counterproductive and is not how trading works, this will cause you to lose more and be unhappy.

We are here to help but you have to ask, be patient, and listen to the advice given by our traders.

We have members that know what they are doing and use our service well. We are working on a program for members to help other members and get rewarded for it. It will be a point and experienced based system in the making.

Tomorrow we will launch the live trading result page. These wallets will follow exactly the traders calls as shared in the channels with the recommended leverage and trading allocation.

We offer multiple options to see how our signals perform. I have set up an account for Binance, Bitmex and the Platinum channel with real money in it. You can see live what the results are alongside the options already offered like the excel sheet, the notification, and result BOT and the results page in the portal and on our website.

Links to the result pages:




VCT shows past results but can never promise any results because we can’t predict the future.

I am proud of what we at VCT have accomplished for our members and I am looking forward towards what the future will brings us.

Kind regards Ivo


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