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Cryptocurrency 2018

Dear Members,

What an interesting year it has been. I want to start with thanking you for being a member of VCT because without you this company would not have been possible to build. I also want to thank our great team for all the fun and hard work that was done to improve the services for you as an members. A lot of you already renewed with our special promo and supported us for the new year.

The trading BOT is working flawlessly, and the advanced version is making his way into the member’s heart that is more active. We made a few changes based upon our member’s feedback. I have included a link to all the changes. Any new improvements or feedback is always welcome. To see all the recent bot changes, please check out this link: Bot Changes

Both trials, for Margin and Gold Channels, have been great. We have welcomed a lot of new members in the past weeks.

We have moved up to number 2 on the Smartoptions list. The Verified Crypto Traders Team is one of the best and most consistent team out there; again, we are at the top of the list.

This past year the team has worked hard to provide the best service we can give. This means we have set a standard for our communications, services, payment method and the way we support you and much more.

We are not finished, and for the new year, exciting new services are planned. First, we will introduce the automated trading BOT and second will be the full fund management service.

The auto trading BOT speaks for its self and will only be available for existing BOT users to start.

We also had the first few members that signup for us to manage their fund.

The full fund management is not something I take lightly. A part of what we did this year was to test and see the trading quality and consistency of different traders. Also, fund management is not something you offer without great planning and organizing and doing the legal aspect of it. I believe in quality over quantity and doing this as an official company. Also, this meant that I had to upgrade myself and had to learn a lot of new things about the processes, structures, and rules. Also working from the Netherlands and complying with the rules is an important part of setting up a secure company that is good for our customers. 

I am doing this from the certainty of helping others invest in the Crypto space and handling it with great care will yield great results.

So, as you can see the year is almost over, and we are ready for the new year to celebrate and prosper with my trading friends and customers.

Happy holidays and a great Crypto new year.

The Verified Crypto Team


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