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During the year 2021, the blockchain gaming sector saw a massive boom. Blockchain games have the potential to revolutionize the gaming business by providing players with a way to make money as they play their favorite games.

These are the top blockchain games that can provide a rewarding gaming experience while also providing the greatest prospects for players to make money. The following is a list of the greatest crypto games.

  1. The Guardians' War

While there are numerous blockchain games, Battle of Guardian is one of the most popular because it helps gamers grasp various gameplay options available in metaverse games like roguelikes. It was built utilizing Unreal Engine and the Solana blockchain for this real-time multiplayer virtual currency (NFT) game.

During conflicts in Battle of Guardian, users train their guardians to improve their chances of victory in virtual world combat across several realms. For players, the concept of many worlds allows them to participate in various tournaments and earn $BAGS – $FP at the same time.

  1. World of Farmers

Farmers World is a pioneering achievement as one of the earliest games to earn crypto. In this simulated setting, players may use a variety of instruments to cultivate crops for harvest. It's also important to note that players may go on the offensive against other farmers who are awaiting the end of their harvest time.

  1. Infinity Axie

When a pandemic struck the Philippines, Axie Infinity became an instant hit because it provided people with a way to make more lucrative money than their day employment. Because of this, Axie Infinity has become one of the most popular crypto games on the market.

To begin, players must capture three Axies (monsters). Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP) are given to players as they grow and groom their digital pets. Additionally, AXS and SLP may be swapped and sold.

  1. Splinterlands

One of the most widely traded free-to-play games to earn crypto is Splinterlands. Players may receive in-game cards and SPS tokens by defeating their opponents in card games. The game's objectives, ranked play mode, and tournaments provide additional ways for users to make money.

  1. CryptoBlades

Coins are earned through beating foes, taking part in raids, and placing bets on the game's outcome. Tokens of SKILL may be bought with real money, used to level up your characters, or just sold. CryptoBlades became one of the most popular role-playing crypto games in 2021. Gamers wishing to make money in blockchain games love the game's distinctive characters and playing variations.

  1. Heroes of the Assault

Tower defense mobile game Crazy Defense Heroes is free to play and pay-to-win. To protect and attack other players, players build their towers and gain prizes for their victories. The TOWER tokens may be earned just by playing the game. When Crazy Defense Heroes was released in 2021, it quickly became the most popular Ethereum and Polygon-based cryptocurrency game.

  1. Upland

In 2021, this EOS blockchain property trade game was the most popular dApp. Additionally, in 2021, Upland is expected to be the best crypto game because of its use of real-world addresses, making it seem more authentic and immersive. The Upland metaverse allows players to purchase, sell, and trade virtual properties that are linked to real-world locations in Upland.


Crypto games are getting more popular because of the play-to-earn concept among players. Those who predict the demise of the old video game industry believe that this new business model, in which players are compensated for their participation, will take the place of the current one.


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