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The general outlook of the crypto market in 2018 was a disappointing one and only a few exceptional traders were spared from the effects of the unprecedented plunge of prices. Nonetheless, we at VCT put in tremendous work into helping our members maximize their profits throughout this period of turmoil which has resulted in stellar reviews and international acclaim.

In this publication, we will share with you an overview of VCT’s standard calls performance in 2018, which qualified us to consistently feature on Smartoptions’ top 5 lists of crypto trading signals on telegram. Note that this report focuses only on our Binance and ALT signals shared from December 2017 to December 2018

December 2017

It was a rosy end to the highly productive crypto market in 2018 and our calls in December reflected the bullish state of the market. We made four calls which hit their target and an additional ICO call that generated an impressive 1400% return. In total, our calls in December generated a 1999.60% return with an average return of 399.92% on each call.

January 2018

Our positive run in the market continued in January as 14 calls out of the 15 shared in this month generated profits. At the end of the month, we made gains as high as 666.70% while averaging 44.45% on each call.

February 2018

In the month of February, only three out of 20 signals did poorly as we continued to utilize diverse strategies in capitalizing on price movements. As a result of this remarkable run, we generated a 1044% return and an average return of 52.24% from 20 calls.

March 2018

By March, the prices were already plunging, nonetheless, we did remarkably well in generating 327.39% return with an average of 21.83% from 15 calls. Of the 15 calls shared in the month of March, 6 generated profits.

April 2018

Our gains improved in April where 11 out of the 16 calls we shared made profits. Furthermore, our impressive stats showed that 8 calls reached all their targets which eventually culminated in a 554.81% return for the month of April with an average return of 34.68% return on each call.

May 2018

The month of May proved to be a trying time for us at VCT and the crypto market in general. Of the 10 calls we shared in this month, only one managed to generate profit. As expected, results for the month were underwhelming with an average of -5.86% return on each call.

June 2018

Following the disastrous market run in May, we decided to take a different approach in the month of June leading to a total of 3 calls with only one reaching its target. However, the sole profit making call managed to cancel out the loss incurred from the other two calls which hit their stop loss. Consequently, the month ended with a total of 4.59% return and an average of 1.53% return on each call.

July 2018

As a result of the bearish run of the crypto market, we continued our courteous approach in the month of July while sharing a total of 8 calls. Remarkably, 5 of the total calls yielded profits, resulting in a total return of 173.63% with an average return of 21.70% on each call.

August 2018

In August, VCT defied unconducive market runs to generate a total return of 196.17% from 10 calls, which puts the average return on each call at 21.80%. Apparently, the fact that three of the 10 calls actually hit all their targets highlights our level of expertise when it comes to crypto trading.

September 2018

Regardless of the fact that the crypto market plunged even further, our experts successfully delivered some impressive calls in September, which yielded a total return of 104.13% from 10 calls. In all, 6 calls performed well, bringing the average return on each call to 10.41%.

October 2018

In October, we shared 19 calls, 9 of these calls generated profits and 2 are still active. Our calls generated a total return of 297.04% with an average return of 15.63% from each call.

November 2018

The crypto market experienced an unprecedented crash in November which led to the reduction in the number of calls. By the end of November, we had put out 8 signals of which 3 generated profits. Owing to the fact that one of the calls did exceptionally well, we were able to yield a total return of 17.92%, which meant that we made an average return of 2.24% on each call.

December 2018

Our analytical expertise shone brightly in the month of December. Although we had put out only 4 calls, they proved to be top-notch. By the end of the month, we had generated 113.92% and each call was averaging a 28.48% return.


If you are to consider that the crypto market in the year under review was particularly disappointing, then you will appreciate the profits we have managed to generate for our members. In total, we generated a total of 5441.31% return from 138 calls between December 2017 and December 2018. Obviously, our results show that we walk the talk when it comes to quality trading signals. You can be a part of this progressive community of traders and double your chances of generating profits irrespective of the current market trend.


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