Margin Subscription Monthly

$89.00 $89.00 / month for 12 months and a $49.00 sign-up fee



Margin trading cryptocurrencies is one of the easiest ways to make huge profits in the crypto market. Basically, margin is loaning fund to trade cryptocurrencies on an exchange. To do this, traders leverage their existing asset and borrow additional funds to increase their excess equity. This trading strategy is very useful for traders that are interested in shorting cryptocurrency. However, the risk associated with this strategy is immense, therefore traders contemplating margin trading are required to have quality market analysis and signals. As a result, our Margin Trading plan includes quality Bitmex and 1Broker signals. In addition, traders that subscribe to this plan are also eligible to access our web portal where they can get all the information they need on the crypto market. Also, all calls are accompanied with detailed technical analysis and information. Interested traders can enjoy our 12-month subscription margin trading package for just $65,- a month.

Please note that if you decide to try our trading bot, you need to have an active subscription to at least one of our channels!