My name is Erik and my background is in engineering/math with specializing in abstract modeling of time-based geometry/energy and the mechanics of. I have worked as an engineer for most of my career with Apple from technical engineer grunt work to corporate/government contract support, as with many of the top 10 hi-tech companies as an engineer. I simply always made things work and was prized for my skill for this. I first was involved in charting and the markets as a teen by seeing a picture of a seashell fib pattern overlayed upon a chart to demonstrate natural price levels. I was hooked and a natural to price discovery, wanting/needed to know every aspect of charting price/time, so I have studied observed every since slowly and methodically improving my skill and knowledge over my life. I have studied the broad spectrum of TA methods/ideas slowly observing which ones have real validity and to what degree by observation/memory. Charting is simply the what was, is and will be of the markets. I am no lover of money ironically enough and save those feelings for the charts, as well for the people in my life. There is no room for Thinking, Feeling and Dreaming in trading to me. Replace them with Observing, Planning and Executing. Real trading is the easiest difficult thing one can learn to do.