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Dear Members,

I promised an update about the fixes and the AutoTrader that we released today.

The big major updates are an improvement for the BitMEX mechanism.

Stop order is now set upfront before even buying anything in order to avoid a dump in the price ending up buying all of the position but closing only part of it.

In addition, setting the stop and take profit limit order simultaneously in order to cover all cases.

The last thing is using the reduce only instruction for the stop limit order in order to avoid cases that closing up a position and open up the opposite one.

Automated version:

The bot will automatically follow after every signal, edit, cancellation in your behalf which is great for people who works full time job or those who just don’t have much time to be in front of a device and don’t want to miss anything.

In order to config that:

First, choose the Trade amount under the Configuration > Trade Amount section

That will define how much you want to invest in every signal.

Second, go to Auto Trade section, send your location, if approved choose a client and a channel to subscribe to and you’re done.

Hoop you like it,

Kind regards Ivo


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