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Hi Members,

I want to share with you some of the changes we have implemented this month to align VCG & its members to a successful future. Enrico has been having a hard time shuffling between his duties and personal projects.  Enrico and I had a good talk and decided that he will be relinquishing his role as an admin. However, he is remaining a member and is welcomed in all our groups. I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his past performances, and most importantly, his unending support for the members of VCG.

Additionally, as some of you may know, Daniel and I have decided that I will be running the company. Henceforth, He will remain a shareholder and will be involved with the online SEO of the company. These changes have been finalized and implemented over the last two months.

Verified Crypto Traders will take this opportunity to strengthen its team and position itself for future growth in the crypto industry.  It gives us more clarity about what we are doing and with whom we are doing business with. On Sunday the 23rd of September Lars, Daniel and Ivo Were aired on RTL Z (a financial program in the Netherlands). It was an excellent opportunity to display to the world what we are doing and how we are making a difference. For those not living in the Netherlands, I have shared the video in the VCN channel.

We have some great new team members joining us moving forward; Orry, Nick, and trader Tomas.

As you all have seen, last month was great and this month looks to be even better. Orry and Nick started helping out with our customer support and streamlining the onboarding process. We are working on a few new technical upgrades like copy trading and onboarding bots to name a few.  These systems strengthen our core and help improve the new fund’s management and a sales and support processes.


Aka the “Flemish Carpenter” will start assisting our group. The admin team as a whole took on them the responsibility to aid with customer support and sales.  Orry is an excellent trader by helping others stay safe and give better advice. Orry has stated “I’m trying to improve my roll by reading ‘The Disciplined Trader’ by Mark Douglas. I’m sure it will improve my role in helping others to stay safe and give better advice regarding emotional traps and explain that negative emotions are dangerous in open chat especially when the uncertainty is high and could hurt other members to mis trade/sell in fear instead of taking the right trades when coins are heavily oversold.”


Nick is another new admin in our group, and he is based in the United States.  He lives in NYC and recently graduated with a background that can take this group to the next level.  He studied both sales and marketing and began investing in both stocks and cryptocurrencies at a young age.  Having graduated from Marist College in early 2017, he put his focus on what he knew will be the technology of the future.   Nick states “I have been involved in the cryptocurrency space for years, but my interest really peaked in 2016/early 2017 right before it started to gain mainstream attention. I knew immediately that blockchain was the technology of the future and I wanted to get involved.  I know we are still early in the process of mass crypto adoption, but I am excited to work with a team as dedicated to the growth of Blockchain and the Fintech industry as I am.

New Trader Tomas:

Tomas first involvement with crypto was in early 2016. He became Interested in crypto trading because of the high volatility of the market.  Tomas taught himself how to trade through endless nights of study and research. Now, his total income comes purely from trading.  In mid-2017, Tomas’ first contract as a fund manager was purely based on his results. Now he has eight people under contract and trades not only for himself but for a series of managed investments.  Tomas also studied politics & economics and started his own company that was focused on giving out loans with interests and managing other people’s finances.


Smart options interviewed me. If you are interested in knowing more about us, you can click the link: https://smartoptions.io/interview-verified-crypto-network/.

Happy trading!

Kind regards Ivo


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