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VCT Introduces The Platinum Plus Plan

Creating a smart and worry-free platform for traders to maximize profit is our goal at VCT, as such we have always provided innovative solutions for our clients. This is evident in all our services and plans that allow our members to take advantage of the profit-making opportunities available in the crypto market. As you know, we currently have four major subscription plans which include Gold and the Silver plan. Each is a unique plan that comes with mouthwatering offers that you will not get elsewhere.

Going forward, we at VCT are taking the game a step further in order to meet the demands of our esteemed clients. In light of this, we are introducing a new subscription plan dubbed the VCT Platinum Plus Plan.

What Is The VCT Platinum Plus Subscription Plan?

The VCT Platinum Plus subscription plan is a new plan that focuses on stable profits. In other words, this plan will offer our customer the opportunity to engage more with the crypto market while increasing their chances of maximizing profits. Unlike our other plans, the Platinum Plus plan utilizes a compound trading style where signals are uploaded on a regular basis and subscribers would naturally have more go at the market.

Although each trade on this plan is not as profitable as existing plans, the intensity, as well as the compound nature of the trades, generate you more profit in the long run. This coupled with the fact that we guarantee the profitability and stability makes the platinum plan unique in its own right.

What Are The Features Of The VCT Platinum Plus Subscription Plan?

As with it all our other plans, the Platinum Plan also has features that promise the best trading experience. They include:

Auto Trading Bots

By our zeal to make trading easy, we have introduced auto trading bots that allow our members to automatically capitalize on our calls. This solution is readily available as a feature in all our subscription plans including the Platinum Plus Plan. More importantly, the nature of this plan highlights the need for an automated way of capitalizing on our calls since our professional traders will post them round the clock. Therefore, auto trading bots are an important feature of the plan.

BTC And ALT Signals

Also, subscribers of the Platinum Plus plan will have access to both BTC and ALT signals which allows them to spread their funds across an array of coins. As usual, our calls will come with self-explanatory details that would back up their authenticity.

Trades Are Only Viewable On The Exchange

You will only have access to the trades from this plan on your exchange since the process is fully automated and depends on auto trading bots. The sheer volume of signals available daily on this plan necessitates that subscribers capitalize on them swiftly.

Small Trades Round The Clock

As mentioned earlier, the Platinum Plus plan has a compound nature that culminates in the accumulation of profits from small trades for stable profitability. Therefore, our professional traders will send small trades round the clock which will give you an added advantage in the ever-volatile crypto market. This approach has its perks which we will discuss below.

What Are The Benefits Of Subscribing To The Platinum-Plus Subscription Plan?

There are immense benefits available in subscribing to our Platinum Plus plan and perhaps the most beneficial is the fact that it comes with fewer risks. Bearing in mind that the plan takes advantage of small trades, the risks involved in this investment plan are reduced. Also, the fact that we consistently post-trading signals gives you the chance to make more profit at the end of the day.

As such, we have effectively designed the Platinum Plus plan as an innovative solution for traders that are interested in investment plans with lower risks and higher chances of making stable profits.

How Can You Access The Platinum Plus Plan?

For existing customers with our basic BOT on the gold plan, they can upgrade to the Platinum Plus plan with a subscription fee of $999.

New members Pay $2299,- for the first year and this includes the first Bitcoin. For every extra Bitcoin in your wallet (earned or deposit) you pay $999,- afterward.

The newly introduced VCT Platinum Plus subscription plan is a hallmark of the quality services we at VCT promise our clients. Take advantage of this opportunity and multiply your chances of making profits.

Contact @VerifiedCrypto on Telegram with any questions or for access to our premium channels.



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