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It has been an eventful month here with Verified Crypto Group. From the cancelation of our live trading pages to the upgrade of our copy bots, here are some of the developments we witnessed and implemented in the VCG company.

Cancelation of the Live Trading Pages

As you all would have observed, we have canceled our live trading pages because the service was technically unsuccessful. We remain committed to always giving you quality services, as such, I had to decide to suspend our live trading pages. However, we will keep looking for more effective ways to offer live trading signals to our members. We are looking at a new system now that is easy to understand and use.

Update On the Way We Share our Trading Calls

To optimize the way we share our calls on our channels, we have decided to send the calls in a standard format. Also, all calls will include a timestamp. This update will let our members access a more comprehensive trading call distribution format. This new system can also show future results; I will keep you updated on this feature.

Copy Bots Upgrade

Like I shared earlier, we are committed to offering you quality services. Therefore, we have a new copy bot upgrade for our members. This upgrade will help our members automatically access and copy top-notch trading strategies VGC’s experienced and professional traders utilize on major exchanges. We recently had a live video tutorial with our admins on the functionalities of the bots, as well as, the way to utilize this new upgrade. Our existing members will pay an extra $295 to access this new upgrade.

We Are the Third Best Crypto Signal Provider of September

We are happy to inform you that we were the third-best signal provider on SmartOptions for september. However, as noted in the post, we would have rated higher if our 1Broker trading signals would have counted. The website only assesses Bitmex signals, and it acknowledged that our 150 percent gain recorded on our 1Broker account would have improved our ranking to the second place.

Chat function on the website and ticket system

You can contact us for support and inquiries on our official website and portal. Also, you can create a ticket for support by clicking on the Talk Now button. Please note that the portal login page has moved to https://verifiedcryptotraders.com/member-area/

Kind regards Ivo


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