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Major Insights-

  • SmartOptions has launched an on-site platform called SmartOptions Shop for risk-free crypto signal subscriptions in 2023.
  • Verified Crypto Traders is the first provider featured on the webshop, and users can purchase VCT subscriptions with special discount codes directly on the site.
  • The initiative reduces the risk of scams and makes the purchasing process smoother and easier for users, with the webshop acting as a secure layer between VCT and SmartOptions.

SmartOptions has launched the SmartOptions Shop, an on-site platform for users to buy and renew crypto signal subscriptions risk-free. Verified Crypto Traders is the first crypto signal provider to be featured on the SmartOptions webshop. Here's how it works and the benefits of using it.

Verified Crypto Traders Featured as First Provider on SmartOptions Webshop

With special SmartOptions discount codes already applied, the establishment will sell VCT subscriptions as an official partner. All four plans offered by Verified Crypto Traders, the Platinum Club plans for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months are on sale on the webshop and can be directly purchased without leaving the SmartOptions site.

How SmartOptions Shop Works for Users

SmartOptions Shop gives users direct access to Verified Crypto Traders' services. The sales take place on the site, which is connected to a Telegram bot. As soon as a user purchases a plan, the Telegram bot connects with them to help them join the respective VCT channels.

Benefits of Using SmartOptions Shop for Crypto Signal Subscriptions

This initiative from SmartOptions makes our user's journey smoother, easier, and risk-free. Previously, users had to jump between sites to purchase a crypto signals plan, and oftentimes, they faced trouble with finding the right site or applying discount codes. More importantly, it reduces the risk of scams. Scammers use similar websites and names to try and fool new users into buying a fake subscription. This will no longer be a problem as users will make their payments securely and get the real deal. The webshop will act as a secure layer between VCT and SmartOptions. This means if a user decides to purchase a VCT plan, the webshop will lead them directly to our service with no third party involved.


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