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Bot Fixes
  • Adding the option to override a single attribute.
  • At the new version, you can choose to override only a single attribute in the signal configuration with your own instead of everything adding notifications about the end of the subscription.
  • You will now get an alert 7 days and 1 day before your subscription ends.
  • Adding a mechanism that closes the opposite position’s trade – Auto Trading
  • for example, if you have a long trade on BTC and the channel you’re subscribing to posts a short.
  • The bot will immediately close the long trade and open the new short trade instead.
  • This is a feature for auto trading users.
  • Improving the smart parser (free text)
  • The smart parser that allows you to set external signals (free text) inside the bot in order to create was improved
  • Adding client name and channel name to the trade preview
  • Added client name and channel name under Trades > Open Trades > Symbol


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