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Overview Of VCT’s Marginal Plus Calls In 2018

Unlike the incredible price performances we witnessed in the year 2017, the crypto market was relatively quiet in 2018. Regardless of the plunge, we at VCT successfully employed effective strategies in generating profits for our members. As such, we have various service plans with different risks level and profitability. However, when it comes to risks and profitability, there is no trading strategy that ranks higher than margin trading.

Margin trading cryptocurrency is one of the easiest ways to make huge profits in the crypto market. Basically, margin involves loaning fund to trade cryptocurrencies on an exchange. To do this, traders leverage their existing asset and borrow additional funds to increase their excess equity. This trading strategy is very useful for traders that are interested in shorting cryptocurrency. However, the risk associated with this strategy is immense, therefore traders contemplating margin trading are required to have quality market analysis and signals. As a result, our Margin Trading plan includes quality Bitmex and 1Broker signals.

Our margin trading plan is managed by sophisticated traders that know the risks involved and therefore, come up with ways to mitigate these risks while making profits. Hence, we made impressive profits from our margin calls in 2018, regardless of the bearish run of the market. This has positioned us as one of the top Bitmex signal channels on Smartoptions since September with an average accuracy rate of 74%

In this publication, we will share with you an overview of the profits made on our margin plus calls which we started sharing from the month of August 2018.

August 2018

We started sharing margin plus calls in August and right from the start, we were recording some impressive numbers. By the end of the month, we had shared 24 calls and we were able to generate a potential profit of 137% with an average return of 5.7% on each call. The call shared on the 20th of August, in particular, reached all three targets, thereby yielding a potential profit of 59%. Furthermore, 13 calls of the 24 call generated profit and we managed to do incredibly well in mitigating risks.

September 2018

The volume of calls we shared in September was low compared to the calls we shared in August. Apparently, our traders only give out signals they are comfortable with, rather than taking unnecessary risks. Records show that we shared 12 calls which generated a potential profit of 296.74%, which puts the average profit on each trade at 24.73%. The major highlight of this month is that two of our calls generated returns above 100% each. Remarkably, the potential return in September is double of the one in August, even though the volume of calls was lower.

October 2018

Like the previous months, results in October were also impressive as we managed to generate 391.84% from 10 calls with an average of 39.18% return on each call. On one particular occasion, we generated as high as a 200% return on a call. In summary, the success rate of our calls in October highlighted our accuracy with 7 calls yielding profits.

November 2018

In November, our traders showed their prowess in margin trading and Bitmex signals. By the end of the month, we had an unprecedented potential profit of 1525.46% from 24 calls. This meant that we generated an average of 63.56% return on each call with profit on one of these calls peaking at 382.35%. 17 of the 24 calls generated profits while 4 managed to hit all their targets. You will agree with me that it is very unlikely for other Bitmex signal channels to replicate the sort of result we had in November.

December 2018

Results in December proved that the returns we generated the previous month were not a fluke. Like November, we hit a potential profit of 1010.16% from 19 calls, making it the second time in a row that we had topped the 1000% profit mark. Interesting enough, 8 calls reached all their targets out of the 14 that yielded profits and we made an average of 53.17% return on each call. Note that we were able to generate these fascinating numbers amidst an uncertain period in the crypto market.


In just 5 months of putting out marginal plus calls, we had generated a whopping 3361.28% potential profit from 89 calls with an average of 37.76% return on each call. This result reiterates the fact that margin trading is highly rewarding, especially when you employ the services of experienced traders like us.

Traders that subscribe to this plan are eligible to access our web portal where they can get all the information they need on the crypto market. Also, all calls are accompanied by detailed technical analysis and information. Interested traders can enjoy our 12-month subscription margin trading package for just $599.00 or 0.06 BTC. You too can win regardless of the torrid nature of the current market.


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