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VCG has successfully forged an ecosystem for traders where they can get the best of crypto trading services and supports. Our goal is to provide detailed trading advises based on quality technical analysis for worry-free trading. And over time, we have remained true to this as we have constantly looked for innovative ways to better serve our esteemed customers.

Since providing innovative trading solution is one of our mantras, we at VCG have introduced a new system to our services. Now, our customers can optimize their trading activities with our new trading bots. With the help of the bots, members are assured real-time access to our trades on exchange platforms.

What Are Trading Bots?

A trading bot is a computer program that recognizes and utilizes market trends to execute trades based on predefined parameters or settings introduced by the trader or user. As such, we can define bot trading as the act of using software to place buy and sell orders on an exchange via an API. In recent years, trading with bots has become popular and it is not exclusive to crypto trading. Therefore, bot trading is fully legal and popular exchanges are known to allow users to utilize bots.

Why Do We Need Trading Bots?

The crypto market is a very volatile market and unlike other markets, it never closes. As a result, traders who are particularly interested in capitalizing on the fluctuation of prices need to monitor market trends round the clock. This is a daunting task which can, however, be accomplished with the help of trading bots. Since these bots are machines, they are not limited by fatigue and they can monitor indicators 24/7.

Also, utilizing trading bots makes you certain that all your trading decisions are emotion-free. Nonetheless, there are risks associated with allowing a bot to help you place buy and sell orders. You should verify the quality of the bot, as well as install various risk management settings, before bot trading.

Is It Profitable To Trade With Bots?

Using trading bots doesn’t automatically guarantee profits, instead, the success of utilizing bots depends on the following:

  • The quality of the user’s trading strategy primarily determines the success of bot trading as bots only follow predefined strategies and settings. Therefore, poor trading strategies will certainly result in poor trading performances regardless of the inclusion of trading bots.
  • The accuracy of the various software involved with bot trading which includes the API, the bot and the app plays a vital role in the success of bot trading. If any of these three malfunctions, there is bound to be steep losses.
  • Your ability to identify market conditions and switch your bots functionalities to adapt to each condition also determines the success of bot trading.
How Do Trading Bots Function On Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms? A large percentage of crypto exchanges allow users to interact with their platforms using APIs. What this means is that crypto exchanges that support bot trading have interfaces that allow users to access the exchange as well as interpret and adjust their accounts with trading bots. This is a sure way of always interacting with the crypto market.

What Are The Things You Need For Bot Trading?

Before you can trade with bots, you will need the following:

Well, you will certainly need a trading bot. However, assessing and verifying the quality of such a bot before utilizing it is paramount to the success of your trades.

A crypto exchange that supports bot trading.

Trading strategies which will govern the decisions of the bot.

What Are The Risks Associated With Bot Trading?

As earlier mentioned, there are risks associated with utilizing trading bots. One of these risks is significant losses that could emanate from a glitch in the software. There are lots of bots in today’s market, however, only a few have been able to deliver quality services. In addition, in the event of flash crashes traders that utilize trading bots are likely to be at a disadvantage. As a result, only experienced traders are advised to utilize bots for their trading activities.

VCG’s Copy/Trading Bots

VCG has done an in-depth research on bot trading as well as the risks associated with it and we have arrived at a solution that will help our members bypass these risks. By introducing our very own copy bots, our customers are guaranteed a better way of utilizing our top-notch trading signals and strategies. Therefore, members do not need to know how to construct, test and apply trading strategies for their bots, instead you can just automatically copy our professional trading strategies with the copy bot and implement them into your trades.

With our copy bots, members can access and copy in real time all the trading signals our professional traders utilize on exchanges.  You are not required to exactly monitor the market conditions and the quality of the trading strategies and signals you access is guaranteed. We have included the copy bot services in all of our service plans and our members can now trade the easy way.


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