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Bot Changes

  • – New trailing stop orders:
  • – In Target percent, the bot will move the stop price to the percent you chose below the sell target reached.
  • – In Percentage the bot will move the stop price the same way as Target Percent but this time it will keep changing the stop price as the price keep increasing.
  • – Inbreakeven, the bot will change the stop price to the average buy price once the first sell target is reached.
  • – In Moving Target, the bot will change the stop price to the last target price reached while new target is reached.

Adding buying strategy

  • – Buying strategy was added to the configuration in order to declare the way in which the bot will spread the percentages between orders in both buy zone and default behavior

Adding new strategy:

  • – Exponential decreasing and increasing strategy was added. those strategy allow to user to spread the ratios in a way that fits to the current bear market. for example decreasing exponential selling strategy with 4 targets:
  • – 53.333%
  • – 26.666%
  • – 13.333%
  • – 6.666%
  • – Adding the leverage as part of the signal / trade.

As part of the signal:

  • – While the admins posting signals to the channel, they will have the ability to post those signals with leverage, once the user will choose to follow that signal.
  • – The leverage will automatically take place in his account.

As part of the trade:

  • – When user will decide to open a trade on his own, he will be asked to choose leverage he wants in order to create the trade with.
  • – The smart parser of the was added:
  • – With the smart parser you can open a signal / trade with a free text creation which makes the process much easier and shorter.
  • – Changing all the buy keyword to entry and all the sell keyword to take-profit in order to unify all exchanges (including Bitmex) terminology.
  • – Small bug fixes


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