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The crypto basic

We at Verified Crypto Traders (VCT), are a real company based in Netherlands. We would do all within the limit of our abilities and resources to protect our valued members from the activities of scammers who prowl on the cyber space. We have had several cases of such in the past and our channel and at a time, we were the most copied channel. We considered this to be unfair to our esteemed members who we are striving hard to protect and help them earn money safely and with peace of mind.

Basic information fosters openness and we at VCT believe this is the way to go. For our ICOs, we need to abide by the anti-money laundering laws, AML.

The EU tax law requires us as a company to do a minimum of 2 verifications for payment. We pay taxes in all EU countries. Also, as non-EU citizens we do these verification without any exceptions.

We are GDPR and AVG compliant so when you leave, none of your personal information is saved longer than required or shared with anyone outside of the VCG.


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