Verified Crypto Traders Members Chatroom Rules and guidelines

Verified Crypto Traders Members Chatroom Rules and guidelines

While criticism is always appreciated, we don’t allow emotional reactions in the chat.  Most people don’t see the difference between real criticism to bring from a positive standpoint and the negative influences that impact all traders.  If you are hurt by a trade or feel uncomfortable you do not need to place the trade.  The great thing about our service is that you are 100% in control.  If you are uncomfortable or don’t understand something don’t hesitate to ask for help or clarification. With that being said you are totally in control and have the option to not place a certain trade, because of this, negative comments directed at trades in the chatroom will not be tolerated.  We like criticism, but please be respectful and ask questions before being critical with our calls. You don’t go to a store and start shouting about a button that isn’t working. You first ask before you file for a formal complaint. It won’t make sense to bother others with it, so you share it with us first and keep a good mindset in the chat, we will listen @verifiedcrypto.  Most members in a chat see one part of the messages, and that is why most chatrooms are poison. Chatrooms bring out the sheep and not the thinkers because most repeat what they see (like with trading) and you don’t know their motives or their expertise. I will enforce the rules we have, and if you don’t like it, you are welcome to find other channels that fits you best. I won’t let a few set the mindset of the many because they can follow a few simple rules you should not be trading anyways with this mentality. We are launching a point-based system to help others and make members with real expertise known and rewarded for their input.

Below are the rules for the chatroom,  If you have any questions regarding any of the rules please reach out to @verifiedcrypto and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

All chatrooms are for premium members only, Members are not allowed to add their friends into the chats or share messages with their friends.  If we find that members have been added to the chat without going to the proper channels they will be removed from the chatroom.  It is possible to turn off notifications.

Chatrooms have very specific purposes and should only be used for two things.  The first acceptable use for the chatroom is for questions related to the trades and posts by mentioning @verifiedcrypto or @tradersname to your questions.  This will insure one of our available agents/traders sees the message and promptly responds.   It is important to clearly formulate your question or comment into one concise message.  Traders or other VC support will answer your questions. Just confirm if you understand by replying with a thumbs up or asking for more information.  All valuable questions and possible improvements for the Verified Crypto services will be saved and allocated to the proper teams to implement.  Before asking a question please try using the search function to see if has been asked or answered previously or contact @verifiedcrypto first.  Often times members have already asked questions that you may have.

The second purpose for the chatrooms is for small informative chats about the calls.  Please do not ask questions or discuss exchanges/fees/trackers/software/or non-call related crypto.  Please refrain from having long discussions in the chatroom, keep in mind that all your fellow members get a notification each time you post something so keep it informative and positive attitude and have fun. Avoid emotional reactions or useless responses/personal agendas in this channel.  As we grow so will the amount of notifications each member gets when someone responds in the channel, so keep messages valuable and informative.

There are some things that are never allowed in the chat and will not be tolerated. First it is not allowed to start a private conversation with one of our traders.  If we see this happen, we will block you immediately and you will not be allowed back into the chats anymore.  As soon as we have reliable information it is shared with the chats so contacting a trader will not expedite the process. If you see a message in the chat that does not comply with these rules it is common curtesy to inform them through a personal DM.  By joining any of our chatrooms you agree to abide by these rules and terms.

There will be no spamming, flooding, violent threats, racism, abusive material, links to other websites or xxx content shared in the chats.  If we find a member break any of these rules they will immediately be blocked.

If a member has misbehaved in the chat channel, the member will receive a warning. If the behavior of the member does not improve, Verified Crypto Group has the right to remove the member from the chat channel. If the misbehavior of the member is very serious, Verified Crypto Group can remove the member from the chat channel without warning.

Please always be respectful with your fellow members and the admins.  Always act friendly and learn from each other, helping other members is often the best way to learn and provide value to the chats.

Intellectual property rights ©

Any intellectual property right, including copyright relating to the website, the software, photos, images, drawings, texts, brands, trade names, corporate identity, logos and the content and data provided to the member by Verified Crypto Group, shall remain with Verified Crypto Group. The member must respect the intellectual property rights of Verified Crypto Group at all times.

The member is not permitted to distribute (parts of) the website, the services or the content, unless Verified Crypto Group enables the member to distribute through a function on the website, such as placing on social media websites.

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