Verified Crypto Traders Basic or Advanced BOT

Verified Crypto Traders Basic or Advanced BOT

Dear Members,

Just a short update about the BOT versions. Great news 30% of the members and growing are using the BOT now, and life just got easier for them.

We have two versions the basic and the advanced. With all the subscriptions or renewals, the basic version is included.

The advanced can be upgraded with a 50% discount just for the members a $149,- for a year (normal $299)

The auto trading BOT will be released next year. This upgrade will only be offered to members that already are using the basic or advanced BOT for a reason I will explain in a later stage.

Underneath you can find the differences between the basic and the advanced version of the BOT.

Summery Verified Crypto Trading Basic BOT

What does the Verified Crypto Trading BOT do for you besides saving time?

  • It copies and automates the sending to the exchange all from within Telegram.
  • You can see your total portfolio.
  • It automates your our trading strategy, including the Stop loss, Buys and Sell Orders.
  • It allows you to set sell and stop orders at the same time by tracking the price down and setting the order that is closer to the current price.
  • When you set directly in Binance, you have to choose either sell or stop.
  • It copies and trades our calls after you allowed it and sent it to the exchange
  • It shows all your open trades and results
  • It shows your history trades
  • Notify you for every action occurs in the bot

Summery Verified Crypto Trading Advanced BOT

  • Allow you to edit your trades, change the published signal according to your needs, during and after the trade creation
  • Allows you to create trades by yourself without signals
  • Supports multiple accounts in the same exchange
  • Allows you to use advanced options (trailing sell/buy /stop) which can help you achieve much more profit.


Have a great day.

Kind regards,



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